Beautiful Quilt Designs

1) Chic design with room combo


2) Beautiful color combo for 2 kids


3) Now this is quite amm… Geometrical !  O no i can’t make this

6a00d8341c901053ef015390395fd3970b-500wi 4) Now this is quite interesting and natural. I like this one!6a00e553838b9188330120a4f74ca4970b-400wi

5) Sure gonna try this one. will post it soon!


6) Good Idea for my 5 year old niece’s room. love the rug too …ColorfulSea_bedding

7) this surely need an expert supervision!images

8)  So mod! loved it!img69m 9) Teenage perfect !Promotion-font-b-Bed-b-font-in-the-Bag-Quilt-Duvet-Cover-with-Colorful-Circles-font


Make Colorful Pen Stand at home

1)  take few ice cream sticks1111

2) And of course some colors to paint them.2222


3) Paint them as you want



4) I painted them from a dark to light shade



5)  you can use these painted sticks in paintings too for making fences or something like that.




6) this is the one my sister made few months ago(I haven’t finished mine yet! was busy posting :)).



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Bath Rug

DIY bath rug by using old towels.

1) take a towel and cut it into small stripes. just enough length to tie it up to the wire mesh and leave some wings open.
2) Repeat this until it is finishes and you get a eco-friendly recycled bath rug

A Faux Mantel

The Silberez Life

fall vignette

I call this our faux mantel because we don’t have a fireplace. When our house was being built, the fireplace was a $2,000 option. And the location of the fireplace would have cut into the only logical place for the TV. If we chose not to have it, not only would we save money (which I love) but we would also gain space for a larger TV (which Dan loves). Naturally, we decided to forgo the fireplace.

With that being said though, there is something about a fireplace that makes a house feel like a home. It adds warmth, charm and character. Hoping to incorporate those elements, we created a cozy little sitting area in our family room. The idea behind this area was, if we had a fireplace, that is where we would have wanted it to be. It has two comfy chairs, a side table and three floating shelves, which…

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Make Beautiful Flowers from Tissue paper at Home

you can make bouquets or decorate your home

Take around 8-12 layers of colored tissue paper and cut them in circular shape as shown above. Now, staple with a pin in the middle. Take first layer of the paper, crush it as shown and then proceed to next layers (one at a time) . You will get a beautiful Flower in the end

See how Beautiful they look. You can use these flowers to make photo frames also